Why your wedding photography needs to tell a story

Capturing a wedding in video and photographs is much more than just faithfully recording the events of that day. The video and images must tell a story about the couple that is meaningful to them and their guests.

This should be the prevailing philosophy that guides the wedding photography and video process, according toLife Studios Inc creative director Chris Mekhail.

“Every video that we make has to be creative and has to artistically resemble the couple somehow,” Chris says. “It is the most important part of the video. If you don’t have a story you’re just making a video for the sake of it.”

Life Studios Inc opened in Sydney just last year. But Chris says the company’s own story reaches back to North America where it originally focused on reality television and documentary production under the leadership of its founders Jacob Yasef and Christine Hanna.

The company’s major focus is now weddings and it applies a cinematic style to covering ceremonies and receptions.

Chris explains the decision to enter the wedding market came after Jacob and Christine reluctantly agreed to shoot a wedding for a friend.