What to say in the perfect maid

While the spotlight will be shining on the bride on her wedding day, there is one moment where you, as the maid of honour, will get to revel in a bit of a special moment – the all-important speech.

Public speaking is not everyone’s idea of a great time, but this is your moment to share your special connection with the new bride with all of her guests and express how happy you are that she has found her true love.

There is no one-size fits all approach to speech writing, but there are a few key things to touch on in order for you to deliver the perfect maid of honour speech.

Who are you?

Although you have been standing by the bride’s side all day, not everyone will know who you are, so take a brief moment at the start of your speech to give a quick run-down of who you are and how you know the bride.

Be mindful not to use too many I’s and me’s in your speech, the perfect maid of honour speech is not about the maid of honour! It is about the two people everyone is here to celebrate. Once you are done with your brief introduction, make sure the focus of the remainder of your speech is on the newlyweds.

What you love about the bride

There are probably many reasons why your friendship has stood the test of time, think about what some of her qualities are that you admire and what it is about the bride that makes you smile.

Try not to fall into generic statements about her beauty, how funny she is, and how she’s “the best”. While she may be all of those things, you should be able to dig a little deeper.

Become a storyteller and share an experience you had together that continues to resonate with you to this day. It could be how she flew halfway across the country to comfort you after a break-up or loss of a family member, or how she has always had this sixth sense that allows her to tell when something has got you down – no matter how hard you try to mask it.

The love story

While chances are the majority of the wedding guests will know at least a few details about how the bride met her everything, none of them would have heard it through your point of view before, so share it!

A big no-no is comparing her partner to any previous plonkers that didn’t cut it in the long run for one reason or another. They don’t need to rate a mention at all on this most special of days, so save these tales for the bachelorette party.